Sacha Black

Red hardcover book with flipping pages

I have tried to avoid doing character sheets for a REALLY long time. It’s not that I am lazy. I’m passionate and excited about my stories and characters. So coming to the conclusion I need to go back and interview my characters has been a bit bitter sweet. It’s painful, taking ages, and I am reluctant to do it. However, doing it has led to some really awesome character tidbits, potted histories and development of juicy subplots. No one likes to admit they were wrong, I was desperate to just write the damn story. But I was wrong. The problem was, without the minute detail of a characters life, my story just wasn’t right. It was missing full, deep, rounded and detailed characters that bring texts to life. It’s those details, like the 50pence piece that reminds her of the summers she spent with her now deceased father. She carries that 50pence in her pocket everywhere she…

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